Fun Through the School Year at Lake Tahoe!

Fun, hands-on lessons lead to life changing experiences for children! Experience it for yourself on the shores of Lake Tahoe. Fifth and sixth grade classes build healthy habits, academic and social skills, and a connection to community and the natural world. Children and young adults hike or snowshoe in the area learning local ecology during the multi-day overnight camps. The activities meet curriculum standards while also providing a sense of stewardship towards the surroundings, including reducing fire danger and keeping Lake Tahoe blue. Great Basin Outdoor School operates exclusively in Nevada and has served thousands of children as a 501(c)(3) non-profit since 1998. 

Our Programs:

Watching discSpring and Fall Programs are offered September through October and May through June. These are 4-day programs that include field trips to Spooner Lake and a trip on a research boat taking students out onto the lake.

"The most important new thing I learned is that Lake Tahoe needs to be protected from littering and polluting!"- Tumbleweed, Fall 2010

girls snowshoeing

Winter programs, offered mid-January through mid-February, are 2- or 3-day programs and include a snowshoeing trip at Spooner Summit. 

New Experiences Lead to New Successes:

In the outdoor educational setting, students' capabilities expand. Students challenged by textbooks and classroom learning often discover new potential for personal growth and success. "Team challenge" activities help students develop interpersonal skills, respect, responsibility, and self-esteem.

Outdoor School Integrates:

math... music... language arts... creativity... sciences... art... observation... social studies... physical education... communication and problem-solving... "real world" application of regular curriculum... active citizenship.

A Proven Record:

Students learn best from first-hand experiences involving a number of the senses. Studies confirm the positive, lasting impact outdoor school experience has on students' interest in the natural sciences, their appreciation of the environment, and their positive attitudes toward one another. The healthy, productive, satisfying lives we envision for our children are dependent upon maintaining environmental quality and resources and the skills, attitudes and knowledge they can develop at outdoor school.  For more information see these Studies Supporting Place-Based Education.