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  1. FAQs (FAQs Section)
    Frequently Asked QuestionsHave a question? You might be able to find it here. If not, contact us!

  2. Funding Priorities (Support GBOS Section)
    Funding Priorities for Great Basin Outdoor SchoolThis is what yo

  3. I want to be a Cabin Leader! (I want to be a Cabin Leader! Section)
    Fill Out the Cabin Leader Packet and Application Check out the Cabin Leader Fall and Spring Sched

  4. Other Staff (About Us Section)

  5. Partners (Support GBOS Section)
    THANK YOU! All the naturalists, cabin leaders, teachers, and students would like to give a huge thanks to our generous supporters. Without your help, the progr

  6. Responsibilities and Opportunities (For Teachers Section)
     Check out what you can do at Great Basin Outdoor School! Recertification: Along with giving your class a wonderful taste of han

  7. Sitemap (Home Section)
    HomepageLast updated: October 18, 2013/ 2 pages

  8. Students! Stay Connected after GBOS! (For Students Section)
    Young Natural

  9. Teacher Documents (For Teachers Section)
    Teachers, here are all the materials you need to prepare yourself and your class for Great Basin Outdoor School. Download the forms, permission slips, packing lists, check lists and more. They are all in .PDF format.

  10. Ways you can help! (Support GBOS Section)
    Become a Friend of GBOSThank you for your interest in Great Basin Outdoor School! We hope that you have found useful and fun information on our site to help you understand our program, as well as finding ways to continue outdoor education

  11. What is Great Basin Outdoor School? (About Us Section)
    Our Mission  To ignite children's passion for learning and foster cooperation, respect, and responsibility through hands-on discovery in the o